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What is Hypnotherapy?


Despite myths about Hypnosis, you are never asleep, or being controlled by me in any way. In fact, you are in more control of yourself as you are in a greater state of conscious awareness. You will never say or do anything that goes against your morals or values. At any time, you have complete control to simply open your eyes and stop the process. I will be with you and guiding you every step of the way. You will never be alone and yet, you have complete privacy as the experience is happening within you. You may share as little or as much with me as you choose. 

The process of hypnotherapy was once described as "emotional but not painful".  Whereas worrying about or over thinking about the problem on the conscious level creates significant emotional pain.  

In childhood we have experiences that reinforced the views we developed of ourselves, others and the world. These views become our beliefs and are typically solidified by the age of 10. These beliefs become our self-concept and worldview.  Most of the views we develop are healthy and useful.  However sometimes we develop limiting beliefs from a child's younger, magically thinking, and immature perspective.  This perspective continues to reinforce the notion that we are somehow flawed, unworthy, not good enough or any other form of inadequacy.  These beliefs, if not resolved can eventually turn into unmanageable anxiety, depression, addiction or any other form of emotional discomfort. These perspectives get locked within our subconscious mind and we continue to operate from this perspective into adulthood, even if we don't want to.

As we continue to operate out of these limiting beliefs into adulthood, we find that they no longer work for us. As we age and gain life experience and wisdom, what we want for ourselves changes. We often “think” about the changes we want but don’t know how to create the lasting change we desire.  That is because the root of the issue is not stored in the “thinking” part in the brain. You must access the subconscious mind which is where the root of the issue is stored. Hypnotherapy can help you access this part of the mind. 

People often say the process was not what they expected and better than they hoped for.  It is not what we expect because if we knew the root of the issue, we would not need assistance uncovering and healing it. 

Hypnosis is a process for issues that no amount of talking or thinking it through is doing anything to resolve it.  It is for those who feels stuck.  Limiting beliefs become stuck or locked within our subconscious mind.  Hypnotherapy can help you find the tools within yourself to unlock and reframe the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Hypnosis is for anyone who has exhausted all possibilities outside of themselves to try to relieve this issue.  The answers you seek and the solution to your issues are always and only within you. 

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